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Self Assessment

Posted by Jeremy Agosto on

I love writing and it’s one of my favorite subjects. However, Writing for the Sciences is a class that showed me a new perspective to writing, a challenging one. However, that is not a bad thing. The class was extremely easy to digest and allowed me to use everything I learned to have more functional writing skills that make me feel prepared for the real world. It has emboldened me and taught me to be clear and concise. Many of my writing goals have been fulfilled and I can truly say I am able to put my ideas onto paper better. I can use more sophisticated literature tools, connect with the audience, surpass linguistic differences, cite accurately, gather my sources from reliable locations, etc. There is no doubt I have fallen in love with writing even more and my growth is substantial. 

We had to begin the semester writing our resume and cover letter, a task I viewed as tedious in the beginning. I wrote it in ten minutes. However, my ego got the best of me because the errors were infinite. One important thing I had to do was acknowledge my and others’ range of linguistic differences as resources and draw on those resources to develop rhetorical sensibility because this would allow me to display information better in my resume. The student sample allowed me to dive into analysis mode and find key differences and similarities to find my own errors and use the best traits to be able to further develop my writing skills and linguistic sensibility. When compiling my information, it had to be very clear and organized, something that took me several tries. The resume had to be readable to any reader, especially one trying to hire me. I had my resume reviewed by my professor and classmate, those revisions helped me do my final version. That version was really the encapsulation of the class. 

The Rhetorical Analysis paper was the assignment that was most relevant to me and so I was pretty hard on myself. I wanted it to be impactful and found something that meant something to me: home. I like political satire and sarcasm and what not better than an ad that was meant to be filled with rhetoric meant to passively convey its message. In watching the ad and analyzing its script, I formed and articulated the stance on the overall message that Americans are clueless about the American government’s actions, but also how that was conveyed in this particular instance. Therefore, I can stay. I developed better abilities to formulate a stance and also allow it to develop through my writing. Something challenging was having to negotiate my writing goals and audience expectations regarding the rhetorical situation because I had to achieve my writing goals, and simultaneously ensure I reached the objective of the assignment whilst also reinforcing the rhetorical analysis throughout the paper. I think I did a great job in growing in these aspects, and presenting my ideas, through writing, to the audience. 

The Literature Review paper this semester pushed me to really learn how to gather my sources and from where. It’s important to be able to navigate the tools in which you’re using to accurately present information in your writing, and also cite it correctly. In this instance, I used library sources and online databases to grow and expand my source use practices. Something that I learned was to correctly and accurately source in APA format. APA format is critical in certain subjects to make sure that the reader knows where you got your source and also adds credibility to your writing. The CCNY Library Database was something new I had to navigate and was useful for almost all my assignments too, it even shows you how to cite! It was extremely useful and exposed me to different things. 

The Collaborative Research Project was one of the most challenging projects I’ve done in a while because it was the intermingling of everyone’s ideas and it was us engaging in a collaborative and social aspect through this writing process.  We had to make sure that we drafted and revised our work. But also bounce off each other’s ideas and make sure it was inclusive that the book reflected a group contribution of all our writing strategies and linguistic differences. 

In conclusion, I can truly say that this class pushed me to be a better writer. A writer is more analytic, understands linguistic differences, and is able to really relate with the reader in a way that enhances how the information or stance being conveyed is digested. It has been a delightful experience and something I would do again.



Posted by Jeremy Agosto on

Resume and cover letter

Rhetorical analysis/ Peer review

Final Version:

Peer Review:

Self Assessment:

I am Puerto Rican and I wanted to do something that resembled my origins and something I connected to. Unfortunately Puerto Rico doesn’t have a beautiful past as bright as its beaches and thats what I want to convey and illustrate in this paper. Whilst viewing the video that I chose to analyze,  I understood that, through rhetoric, the makers of this ad and the director wanted to emphasis how clueless Americans were to the realities of an 21st century American colony.  In this video, the advertiser is marketing a vacation in Puerto Rico; however, she is using rhetorical tools to convey something deeper. In this paper, it was important for me not emphasis what was being conveyed and how, but also absorbed these literature tools. Therefore, I dove deeply into analyzing my own writing and learning how to convey a message(s) to an audience. Especially through genre, medium, and the rhetorical situation and formulating and articulating. As the analysis was being explained, it was important to re-address the main issue, but also having an interconnectivity between audience and rhetoric. This would allow for a deeper understanding of the subject and further cement how rich the video is in persuasion.

Literature review drafts/ peer reviews


Literature review topic:

Final version:

Self Assessment:

This particular assignment required my group to think extensively about was going to be conveyed and talked about. It included a lot of brainstorming and led us to conclude that we would talk about GMO foods. GMO foods is something we eat on a daily basis, especially if you don’t eat organic. And with that being said, it was important, relevant, and substantial enough to have a large amount of research to back our claims. GMO foods are not quite understood to their entirety. Some research says they can produce illnesses like cancer. Other people say that they’re good because they feed the ever growing population of Earth. Whatever the research found, it was important to, through writing, convey that information clearly. My group used the CUNY Database to find articles that were peer-reviewed and reliable. In my personal growth and understanding, I was able to strengthen my source practices. I had to find relevant sources and also cite them. It was important that I practiced and perfect my APA format citation. In being able to cite properly, find relevant information, learn to convey our main research, etc me and my group effectively presented this information to the audience and allowed them to digest it in a easier manner.

Collaborative Research Project



Self Assessment:

I think it is fair to say that this has been one of the most challenging learning experiences I have had so far. Working in groups can be challenging. This assignment was a corporation between many people with many writing techniques, different ways of presenting ideas in literature, etc. And even so, the book had to be concise, include everyones ideas, etc. For this project, me and my group decided to do a book that catered to 7 year olds and it had to be entertaining, educative, and simple. All of us had many different thoughts, images, ideas, things we wanted to include, etc and when it came time to brainstorming, it seemed like we barely had any to begin with. It was challenging to make something uniform, but eventually is happened. In a google doc, we would write the plot, our ideas, sentences, etc in order to find similarities and compromises in order to work together and all play our roles. My group and I were able to develop and engage in the collaborative and social aspects of writing processes by communicating our ideas and editing our children’s book as a team.



Self Assessment:

The presentation was a challenge because it had to break down the brains behind the children’s book and that was filled with many challenges and blobs of thoughts and blueprints. It had to be something engaging and presented to the audience in a way that is captivating and organized. I also had to look how to present this genre to college students and analyze how to present that information to them; thereby, exercising and articulating my genre analysis and multimodal composition to explore effective writing across disciplinary contexts and beyond. Not only that, but I had to observe the best way of presenting these ideas and overall composition of the book by looking at other groups. In doing so, I was able to analyze my own writing techniques, negotiate with my team, articulate an overall stance on how to present the book, and also know how to convey this genre to my audience. The analysis of the linguistic differences of people in my own group and in other groups was important because it allowed me to develop awareness and inclusivity. Overall, these things were extremely important in order to have a well rounded presentation with great sources and resources obtain by me, my group, and through the analysis of other groups.


Writing for the Sciences

Posted by Jeremy Agosto on

My name is Jeremy Agosto-Santana and this is my portfolio where you can venture my list of assignments for my Writing for the Sciences class. I hope you can see how I’ve been able to progress as a writer, and develop more rounded writing techniques in order to communicate ideas and facts in a clear and concise manner.

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